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Pinterest can be a very lucrative addition to any business because of its search engine qualities. Whether you sell products, have a blog or run a business that provides a service, Pinterest can help you grow to the next level. Already have a Pinterest account but looking for a way to make it better? I can help you no matter where you are with your profile. Maybe you are happy with how your account is doing but need someone help to handle the every day tasks. I can help with that too.  Be sure to check out my services page to get a better idea of what package would work best for you! 

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Hello! I am so glad that you are here and I can’t wait to help and get to you know you. My goal is to be able to help take the mundane everyday tasks of growing your business off of your shoulders so that you can spend time with the ones your love. Or maybe work on other important projects. 

Pinterest is my specialty. Once I get to know my clients, their personality, what their business is all about, their target audience and so much more, I can use that information to do research on SEO/Keywords, descriptions and so much more to find their new clients/viewers. Be sure to click on my contact page to send me any questions you have and head over to my about me page to learn more about me!

"Hey! Just wanted to say I hope you had a merry Christmas! I was just looking over my google analytics the other day, checking out a year-long view of my pageviews. I had SUCH an increase in the latter part of 2019, after I started working with you. I know I was working on some other things as well, increasing my blog content and really working on SEO, but my traffic from Pinterest was always the highest referrer so I know you played a huge part in that! I just wanted to let you know I appreciate everything you’ve done for me."

-Amanda Seghetti Photographer and Blogger

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I look forward to working with you by taking some stress off your plate to spend more time with what matters most to you.