Britney ann v.a.


Social media is a great platform to use for any business, but all the algorithms and figuring out when is the best time to schedule can be a real pain. And let’s not get started on the content for every post…

This is what I do as a social media and Pinterest virtual assistant. My job is to go through your business social media accounts, figure out what is working and what is not, come up with a plan on how to fix or schedule your posts to reach the most people, and help you attract more customers or clients. 

When it comes to organizing, paying attention to detail and really figuring out your very own personal plan to run a great Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest page, I am your virtual assistant!

I love to get to know my clients, their branding, the audience they are trying to attract, how they sound and find out their goals for their business. This is why I suggest scheduling a discovery call so we can get to know one another and see if this is the right fit, for both of us! 

To go one step further, I provide a 30 day trial agreement. After the alloted time, we schedule another call to talk about how things have improved, what we need to place more focus on, and whether we want to continue this agreement for a longer period of time. 


A little love from clients

“Britney is sensational! Not only is she all the qualities you hope to find in an assistant; professional, efficient, tech savvy. She is also kind, creative and an absolute pleasure to work with! After only a few months of working with Britney, my brand has significantly grown.” -Lucy Riles, Life of Mom Founder

Social Media Package

From Facebook to Instagram, I can help you with your scheduling, content creation and much more. Social media can be a great way to increase clients and customers in your business, if utilized the right way. 

Pinterest Management package

Pinterest is one of the largest and most popular visual search engines. I specialize in scheduling, creating engaging pins, researching boards that are in your niche and so much more. 

Best of both worlds package

Get the most bang for your buck with this package, where I combine the services of both the previous packages. This way you have one virtual assistant giving you time back without having to worry about posting or scheduling again. Let me help you with all of your social media accounts!

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