How To Do A Pinterest Audit

Is Pinterest not helping you get more business as much as you hoped? In this blog post, you will find out why doing a regular Pinterest audit will help your business and how I do an audit on my client’s Pinterest accounts.

Why is it important to do a Pinterest audit?

A business that runs on social media spends time looking at what strategy is working and what isn’t to make adjustments. While Pinterest is not a social media platform but a search engine, taking the time to do an audit can help your business grow with simple changes.

A Pinterest audit can show you:

  • What information or steps you missed when you setup your Pinterest business account
  • If your boards, pins and keywords need to be updated
  • What strategy to implement that will help drive traffic and optimize conversions

How To Do A Pinterest Audit

These are the steps I use with each of my clients whether I am setting up a brand new account or getting started with monthly management.

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What is your name on your Pinterest profile? If you have your brand name as the same thing across all your social media pages, then you need to make sure your Pinterest profile has the same name.

This will make it easier for your audience to find you when they search you on Google and your business will rank better too!

As far as your profile picture goes, that is really up to you. I feel like if you are your brand, then a good picture of you is best but you can always use your logo.

You also want to be sure to have a keyword-rich description in your bio. I will talk more about keywords later but trust me, they help so much in the ranking of your pins and when someone is looking for your content or products.

Claim Website

I always recommend to my clients that they claim their website on their Pinterest profile. This is because when someone pins something from your website, Pinterest will know it came from your website. This also helps to see where your traffic is coming from with analytics.

Pinterest will also let you claim some of your social media profiles too. Don’t forget to claim those as well.


If you are just starting an account, you want to make sure you have at least 10 boards that are optimized to your business’s niche. What are some things that your audience will be searching for on Pinterest? These are the kinds of boards you want that will be filled with your pins taking them to your website.

If you already have boards, this is the time to go through and make sure they are still relevant. Remove or add boards that will work better with your niche. You can even hide boards that are private and you want to keep for yourself without deleting them.

For my clients, I make sure to have at least 30 pins on these boards to start out with. A mixture of my client’s content and other people’s pinned content is what you want. I have seen Pinterest business accounts that just had their own content on them and wondered why they didn’t have much traffic on their account. Pinterest wants you to share pins and share ideas! You share someone’s pin and they share yours in return. This keeps going so there is so much to see and explore.


Pinterest is a visual search engine and your audience is going to click on the pin that has the best images and fonts. Make sure that your pins are eye-catching. Canva is a great resource for making great-looking pins and you can find all sorts of free images with sites like Unsplash or Pexels.

Now here is some stuff love advice, pin descriptions are going to make or break you no matter how great they look. You need to make sure that you are using your keywords so your pins can be found by your audience. Please do not go stacking keywords in your pin descriptions either. Pinterest does not like users who do this and you will not get a very good ranking with this.


I have been talking about keywords in this whole post and if you are unsure how to find these, then this is what you have been waiting for.

When you go to Pinterest and you see the search bar on your home page, that is where you will find all your keywords in your research. You want to use words that relate to your business’s niche.

Take a photography business, for example, you could use keywords like photography ideas, backdrops, fall photoshoot, family pictures, etc. Pick a couple of words, type them into the search bar and you will see a dropdown of more suggestions that you can use. These are keywords that your audience is already searching for, add them to everything on Pinterest!!

  • Profile name (if you can, sometimes you can’t change it or don’t have enough room)
  • Profile bio
  • Board descriptons
  • Pin descriptions
  • Video pins
  • Story pin descriptions
  • Titles

Followers & Following Accounts

I added this one in here because just like with social media if you have any followers whose accounts are now inactive, it will not benefit your traffic. The same goes for accounts you follow as well. It would be a good habit to regularly check your followers and following accounts to make sure they are all still active.


When you have finished your Pinterest audit, you should have a clearer idea of the direction you want to take for your business strategy that will help grow your business. The brand new beautiful pins, keyword-rich descriptions all over your Pinterest, and your audience easily finding your content will help you so much! Be sure to keep track of your analytics before you do your audit to see the difference. I find that checking my clients and even my own Pinterest analytics monthly is a good way to keep track. Checking too often can be discouraging.

If you don’t want to go the DIY route and would just like to have your Pinterest audited, you can check out my services or contact page to get in touch with me to help you.

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