The Best Place To Find Keywords

Are you having a hard time finding your target audience? Using keywords will make it so much easier for people to find you when they are pinning from Pinterest or looking for something. Find out what tool I use to find my client’s keywords and where I put them so that they can get new clients or customers.

Do you really need to use keywords for Pinterest?

The answer is YES! Absolutely!

Keywords are super important because they help attract people to the content that you work so hard to share and it helps you find your target audience. This comes in handy when you are starting a small business and looking for clients or customers.

To give you a better idea as to why you need keywords, here is an example. My ideal client is a small businesswoman or blogger, in her late 20s or early 30s, and she works from home with her kids. She would be looking for ways to grow her blog or business with Pinterest so I would use words like Pinterest marketing or how to make a pin for blog posts.

You get the idea.

By thinking about who your ideal client or customer, what they need or would be looking for, you can search for those keywords and use them to find your content.

Where do I use keywords?

In short, everywhere! Now by that, I don’t mean you should go out and start hashtagging all your keywords on everything you put on Pinterest. Please for the love do NOT do that!

The trick to using your keywords is to use them in your titles, descriptions, and bio in a way that sounds natural.

So my last pin is a post about where stay-at-home moms can find jobs where they can work from home with their kids. In the descriptions, I would say something like “Real jobs for stay-at-home moms. Are you looking for a way to make money while staying home with your kids? Here are 8 jobs you can do without having to leave the house.”

I didn’t use a single hashtag and it had lots of keywords that would get searched by a young mom wanting to make some extra money without the child care fees.

Where can I find keywords?

Now that we have learned a little bit about why keywords are important and should be everywhere on your Pinterest to find your target audience, where do you find keywords?


When you go to the home page of your Pinterest, you will see the search bar. When you start typing into the search bar, Pinterest will provide you with a dropdown menu that will give you keywords to what other people are searching for. This is where I do all my keyword research.

I like to use Trello to keep track of everything for my clients so I make a list of all the keywords that are niche-specific to their business or audience they are looking to attract.

Trello board for a client. The client’s name is marked out.

Tell me in the comments where you find your Pinterest keywords or have any questions about what you read. If you are looking for help with keywords to find your target audience, I can help you! You can find my packages on my service page or email me from my contact page.

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