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who is Britney?

Hey y’all! I’m so glad you found my little corner on the internet. I am first and foremost a wife to my loving husband of almost 10 years. A mom to three wild and rambunctious little boys from 7 down to 3 years old. Finally, I am a virtual assistant who specializes in Pinterest, which is what brought you here!

It has been a bit of a journey getting to this point. When I first became a mom, I went back and forth staying home with my son and then trying to go back to the working field. By the time our third son was born, I realized staying home was the best option for our family so I looked into working from jobs for moms. Doing surveys and secret shoppers was good and all (not really, it was horrible!) I really needed something more and something I enjoyed doing. 

Since high school, I have done admin tasks for various jobs and learned quite a lot, so when I found virtual assisting I was hooked. From then on it has been amazing getting to know my clients and helping then with their businesses.

I can’t wait to get to know you and hear all about how I can help you grow! Be sure to check out the services I of

Check out the blog!

Don’t forget to check out my blog while you are here!

There is a lot of great info and helpful tips for your Pinterest page. Maybe even some social media tips as well. 

My mission is to be able to help other moms and women be successful in their business without having any sacrifices. We have the opportunity to be able to have a family, be there for every important and special moment there is and have a successful career. I want to help you achieve your goals and dreams. Let me.